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A workspace planning solution.



Seatr is a SaaS product that helps businesses manage office occupation within an easy-to-use mobile-first website. They can create their office on a 2D map, which can be completely configured to their liking with plants, walls, doors, printers, desks and more. Once their office is configured, they can share it with their employees, which gives the employees the ability to choose their workplace for specific days, weeks, or months.

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High-tech food analysis.



Mars was in need of an in-house back-end application to transport the data collected by the NIR device from the FOSS database to an internal Mars database in another country. The application had to collect a lot of data from various sources and combine them in one source, while being really fast, reliable, and secure.

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Getting involved in research has never been easier.

Your Research.


Healthcare is a constantly evolving field, with new advancements and treatments being developed every day. But one aspect that remains the same is the importance of patient involvement in the research process. YourResearch is a new healthcare app that is revolutionizing the way patients participate in medical research, making it easier, more accessible and more impactful than ever before

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An online ticketing solution.

Symfony offers a revolutionary online ticketing platform, specifically designed to enhance the leisure industry's booking system. This platform streamlines the ticketing process through its user-friendly administration dashboard and a highly efficient mobile scanning application. These features collectively simplify operational complexities, saving businesses significant time and effort.

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